Ethical Battery

Ethical battery supply chain feasibility study by Battery Associates and Partners

The feasibility study presented by Battery Associates, SIRALEC SERVICES LTD, and Quabu, aims to accelerate battery innovation - specifically supply chain tracking and raw mineral traceability, through a combination of technology solutions. The study explores the commercial potential of an affordable supply chain tracking system that integrates several core technologies. The result will be three-fold: 1) minimise battery manufacturing costs and eliminate non-conformities; 2) Provide a secure channel for ethical mining standards and address market demand for ethically supplied raw material; and 3) Render the reuse of battery cells more efficient and cost-effective, increasing recyclability.

Extractive industries fall short of the ethical standards (both in the mines and across the manufacturing processes) that are increasingly required from shareholders and stakeholders alike. Despite the EU's effort to regulate the battery supply chain, the OEMs are turning away from the exploitation of raw material from specific countries (e.g. BMW no longer extracting cobalt in DRC),which in turn leads to the increase in the price of Cobalt and other raw minerals used in battery packs.

The project is supported by leading technology companies, and the project team includes professionals from Jaguar Land Rover, Dyson, and professional buyers from the mining sector. The feasibility study will explore the development of an innovative business model across the battery value chain. Specifically, the project tackles supply chain tracking and raw mineral traceability by supporting the commercialisation of an affordable process and technology capable of tracing and certifying raw battery minerals. We tackle the issue of battery minerals traceability and the need to certify, authenticate, and verify the composition and characteristics of raw material extracted, starting from the mine batches, to the Gigafactories, and finally to OEMs and recycling companies.

Ethical Battery is an initiative by Battery Associate. Battery Associates' mission is to create a sustainable world through the power of people. Battery Associates runs multiple educational efforts including the BatteryMBA.